Friday, November 18, 2016

Healthy Holidays

Health and holidays really can go together if we work to reduce stress and eat mindfully.

How can you make it work for you?

Less is More- It is time to obey that inner voice that tells you to simplify this year.  Decorate less, bake less, buy less.  Take the time to focus on a meaningful activity the whole family can enjoy.

Peel the Meal- It is a proven fact that the more variety there is, the more we eat.  When you are planning a meal, simplify as much as you can and it will give you more control.

Patrol your Portions- Cut the portion sizes in half of everything you eat at holiday meals. Make it simple and make it stick.  At home and at restaurants, this simple habit will work to help you feel better about yourself.

Rate Your Plate- Look over the foods offered carefully at a meal and rate them from one to ten, ten being your very favorites.  Only choose those foods which are a 9 or a 10 and skip the rest.  Then savor each food carefully, eat slowly, and enjoy each bite!

Bring It On!- Offer to take a healthy, low-calorie dish or a fruit & vegetable tray to carry-ins. Then you know there will be something to snack on which you will like.

Downsize- It is proven that using larger plates and bowls will cause us to eat more, and using smaller dishes will help us eat less.  Which will you choose?

Walk the Talk- Every 10 minutes you spend walking in the mall, taking the dog out or working out to a video, are minutes of healthy activity which reduce stress and increase total enjoyment of togetherness time during the holidays.