Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Sales Pitch

I am not a salesman.  I have found out through the years that if my livelihood depended upon my sales ability, I would be living in poverty. But I wonder how you the reader would react if I told you with confidence that there was a treatment which not only had glowing testimonials from almost everyone who had tried it, but it also had been proven in research to help in the following ways:

  • ·         Better sleep
  • ·         Increased energy levels and productivity
  • ·         Increased self-esteem and positive attitude
  • ·         Improved brain function and decreased risk for dementia
  • ·         Reduced feelings of depression and anxiety
  • ·         Reduced feelings of stress
  • ·         Slow-down of the effects of aging
  • ·         Lengthened lifespan
  • ·         Improved immune system to resist illnesses and infections

I wonder if you would be willing to try it?  Would you be willing to take it daily?  What if you also found out that, instead of having negative side effects, there were additional benefits to this treatment?  A healthier heart, stronger bones and joints, better circulation, a stronger back, decreased pain of arthritis, lower blood pressure and weight loss?

What if you became absolutely convinced of its benefits but had to take 15-30 minutes every day to prepare for and take the treatment?  Would all the possible benefits be worth enough to you to make the time?

Well friends, you are in luck.  I have the answer to give you all of this and more: Walk 30 minutes a day and do strength training 2 of those days.  If you start out slowly and make sure you stay safe during your "treatments", then get ready to feel better.  Get ready to have your friends and family ask what you are doing, because they have noticed a difference and want to have the benefits of this treatment also.  Then you can pass along the sales pitch, whether or not you are a natural born salesman, because you have found something that works! 

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Feeding Your Aging Brain

It is commonly known that what we eat affects our risk of developing heart disease, obesity and diabetes.  But how about affecting the health of our brain as we get older?

A growing body of research suggests that finding a pattern of healthy eating can help us fight inflammation in the brain and may significantly reduce the risk of the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Two versions of brain-healthy eating patterns incorporate many of the same mostly plant-based foods.  The Brain Health Food Guide and the MIND Diet differ a little as to how many servings should be eaten daily or weekly, but the patterns of eating are similar enough to summarize in the following list: 

2 to 5 servings daily, especially kale, spinach, romaine, cabbage and broccoli
Seafood and Beans
1 to 3 times weekly
Whole grains
3 servings daily
Whole fruit
1 to 4 servings fruit daily, especially berries
One serving daily
Olive oil is mentioned as a healthy fat

Both brain-healthy eating patterns agree that the following foods should be avoided or limited to once-a-week servings:

Fried Foods
Processed Foods
Red meat
Butter and Stick Margarine

The MIND Diet was rated in 2016 as the "Easiest to Follow" Diet.  Both patterns of eating also rate  heart-healthy.